Made in Sweden

Office technology for greater day-to-day work satisfaction and a smarter work environment - this is what we create at Swedstyle. With innovative, digital technology for the modern office, we help you find the right solution and be one step ahead of the trend.

For a smarter office, you should come to Småland. Småland has long been associated with innovation and business enterprise. At Swedstyle, we have taken this as our starting point to create better office environments combining superb interior design with the latest technology. Using smart solutions, we are developing the workspaces of tomorrow, right here in Småland, Sweden.

You see, when innovative technology is combined with Swedish manufacturing and quality, the result is something completely exceptional.

Locally produced and climate smart

All Swedstyle products, are manufactured at the company’s highly automated manufacturing units in Vaggeryd and Ekenässjön. All furniture is made of Swedish steel (currently 25 percent recycled), powder coated and assembled in Sweden, fulfilling the locally produced concept of “made in Sweden.”

For High-End and the rest of the company’s production, Swedstyle has ensured full traceability of all critical components, meeting all environmental, quality, and social responsibility requirements of the Möbelfakta and Svanen eco- and sustainability labels.

Near to the customer

For 40 years now, Swedstyle has been the leading manufacturer of height-adjustable work stations in Scandinavia, with extensive expertise and experience in the field of office technology. As a market player enjoying proximity to our market, we work continually on refining our workspace solutions, in order to meet our customers' requirements for functional and effective workspaces.

We are always eager to identify new and still better solutions, and in our partnerships with other leading players in the industry we always aim to exceed customer expectations. Our projects are most successful when we are able to work in close cooperation with customers and architects in order to customise an office solution directly to their specific needs.

With creative staff, our own dedicated prototype workshop located next to our production facilities, and short transport routes to our subcontractors, we have created conditions where we can enjoy being flexible and coming up with new solutions.

How can we help you?

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