Hand opens cabinet with Flexlock from Swedstyle

Flexlock is a unique lock system for the smart workplace

Flexlock is a flexible and secure lock system, easy to use and easy to integrate in various storage units in the workplace. The lock can be fitted to new and existing furniture items. The lock is controlled using a key card or tag, and the lock’s function can be configured to your unique requirements, regardless of whether it is for permanent or temporary storage.

Flexlock is available in two versions: Flexlock Visible and Flexlock Invisible. The authorisation level for each user’s key card is set for each unique user. The settings can be easily changed if the need arises.

Flexlock can be implemented with the existing cards or tags used in the workplace without affecting existing systems. This means the same card can be used to access both the work station and various storage units. The locks are battery-powered, maintenance-free, reliable in use and feature a long service life. Flexlock is a simple, smart, secure and durable lock solution.


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