HIgh-End Plectrum

Scandinavian spaces for creative minds 

– Exclusive material meets functionality in next-gen office tables


With High-End, we build further on our heritage as the leading manufacturer of sit & stand desks and office tables in Scandinavia – while making a bold statement about the workspaces of tomorrow.

Design and choice of material are paramount in Swedstyle’s High-End furniture. Innovative technology combined with built-in electronics and minimalistic, sleek frames, takes our height-adjustable tables to a whole new level of design. With carefully selected desktops for each frame, along with Swedish manufacturing and quality, High-End is spearheading the development of the workspaces of the future. 

Characterized by clean lines, High-End is designed using quality material that speaks for itself. The result is a series of fully height-adjustable office tables and desks that are as functional as they are esthetically appealing. Furniture design that contributes to better ergonomics, making the workday more effective – while promoting creativity and team spirit at work.