Sit & Stand

Flexibility for a better work environment

Switching between standing and sitting positions while working is believed to enhance energy levels and improve general health and well-being. Our height-adjustable sit and stand frames allow work stations to be quickly and easily adjusted to suit the needs of each individual. Swedish manufacturing standards mean we can guarantee high quality and user-friendly, robust solutions. To accompany the height-adjustable frames, there is also a range of hand controllers with a variety of functions, as well as other accessories to choose from. Find out more under Accessories.

Work stations that can be adapted to meet your needs

No one is made from the same mould: this is what underpins our height-adjustable frame concept. We want to encourage users to change their working position, since a number of studies show that such an approach can have several health benefits, as well as making us feel better as we work. When you have plenty to do and no time to stretch your legs at work, a standing working position is a good alternative. We also have a range of accessories that give the frames added functionality, such as hand controllers that can be programmed with personalised settings.

We believe too that quality is crucial if you are to obtain the best possible satisfaction from your frame. This is why we have opted to locate our production site in Småland, allowing us to retain full control of the process and guarantee robust and sustainable products. Our close proximity to you, our customer, means we can easily work in close cooperation to produce solutions specifically tailored to you and your business.


Smart, elegant and neat

Make sure the entire workspace is configured to the same high standard with the aid of some great accessories that eliminate those little things that spoil your day-to-day work, giving better structure to your workspace. We have a range of hand controllers with different functions, cable holders, screen brackets and power connectors. If you can't see the wood for the trees at your workspace, then Swedstyle accessories are just what you need!

Hand controllers that are easy to use

Our hand controllers, specially designed in-house, make it easy to use our height-adjustable desks in the most effective way. Our wide range makes it easy for everyone to find the controller best suited to them. You can, for instance, choose from controllers with touch functions or others that memorise your height settings.

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